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Amiran Nama Bricks Company started its operations in 2009. During these years the main priority of this factory has been to improve the quality of its products so that its products have become one of the most popular among artisans and manufacturers. Amiran Nama Bricks as one of the leading manufacturers of unique products that started using proprietary formulation for the first time in Iran to produce industrial refractory bricks in industrial way and to produce high quality products using state of the art technology. In the field of baking and the use of modern and advanced furnaces in today's production process, it is recognized as a manufacturer of specialty and high quality products in the field of refractory construction. Part of the company's development plan was launched in 2013 by designing four separate production lines to diversify production products to meet the growing need of customers and architectural engineers in the building industry. Continuous control of the production process from the raw material to the product packaging, delivering products with maximum customer satisfaction, flexibility in accepting orders and timely and up to date customer order delivery are the hallmarks of this unit. We never sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity and believe that we sell a product when the product is manufactured or secure on time.

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