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amiran Nama Brick Gostar Industrial Group with registration number 512488 and national ID 14006915868 with experience and support of several generations in the field of production of refractory facades, industrial and Cossack bricks and other types of bricks in accordance with the principles of ancient Iranian architectural culture since 2009 Has done.
The company is proud to produce and market 60 tons of bricks (refractory, facade, industrial, antique, shale, etc.) daily in a space of 11,000 square meters, using the latest technology in the world and quality raw materials and experienced personnel.
The company has also received ISO 9001 certification, European CE standard, product quality, customer satisfaction, construction industry approval and Iran Insurance Quality Assurance Insurance.
Amiran Nama Brick Gostar Industrial Group has put customer satisfaction at the forefront of all its activities and has been able to keep pace with the current industry of the country by institutionalizing the example of productivity and improving the quality of products and services. Refractory brick factory and all refractory bricks Antique rustic Kazakh and…

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Amiran Nema products all have international and domestic standard symbols.

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