Stone design bricks

What is Rock Antique Stone? | What is a stone design brick?

The use of artificial stones in the interior decoration and facade of the building has increased dramatically day by day.
Admittedly, transporting large boulders home is very difficult. But it is possible to make antique stone designs with materials such as stone powder, cement and other materials, artificial rock stone or bricks.

Where to use antique rock?

It can be used in the building lobby, interior decoration, part of the reception hall, swimming pool, behind the TV and even the facade of the building.

History of artificial stone?

The artificial stone was first made in Italy in the 19th century. Due to the beauty of the design in the stone facade and interior decoration, it quickly found its fans.

What are the reasons for using rock facade refractory bricks?

• It costs much less than rock
• Freedom in choosing the desired color and shape with its various designs

Why Amiran Nama stone design brick?

That refractory brick facade is made of refractory clay. Creatively and artistically artificially seen rock in various forms. This antique rock has a density higher than normal and this has made it strong and stable against shocks caused by heat and cold.

Stone design bricks Amiran Nema has no dandruff for many years due to its special formulation.

Stone design bricks in various colors


The facade of the building with beautiful design, color combination and proper lighting will be able to dazzle everyone.
Enliven the feeling of living in nature in your heart by executing a rock facade brick or stone design brick in the building facade.

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