Traditional brick | Kazakh brick

What is a traditional brick?

Traditional facade brick in English Kazakh brick is one of the most common decorative bricks in the market, which has attracted many fans today. Traditional brick is also known by another name in the market, which is commonly called Kazakh brick or brick brick. Traditional brick | Kazakh brick

Kazakh brickIt is one of the oldest traditional bricks in Iran. At the time of the arrival of the Cossacks in Iran, the Cossacks built their barracks with a kind of brick with dimensions of 5 * 10 * 20 and later these bricks became known as Cossack bricks. In some factories, red Cossack bricks are produced in the dimensions of 19.5 * 19/5 * 5.5. The history of these bricks dates back to the Sassanid period, which according to the objective evidence of them in huge buildings such as: Kasra arch, stairs Dokhtar, Gonbad Kavous, Isfahan and Yazd Grand Mosques have been used.

Why the traditional bricks of Amiran Nema Company?

Bricks of Amiran Nema Company have anti-dandruff and with written guarantee of no color change and anti-dandruff . The ancient bricks of Amiran Nema Company are produced in traditional kilns with a very high variety in design, color and size.

In what places are traditional or Kazakh bricks used?

Traditional bricks are produced by hand and in the same way as traditional kilns, but they have high resistance and strength against brittleness and weathering . This type of brick is produced and marketed in different dimensions for porcelain walls, facades and carpet floorsTraditional brick or old-fashioned Kazakh brick is commonly used in the facades of buildings, coffee shops, cafeterias and any place you need to feel traditional and old-fashioned.

Advantages of using traditional brick in the facade of the building

Advantages of using traditional brick

1- Easy maintenance Brick brickNo need to clean or paint 2- Cooling and heating insulation and reduces the costs of cooling and heating.

What are the types of traditional bricks of Amiran Nema?

Among the products of Amiran Nema Kazakh bricks, we can mention Kazakh facade bricks, including full, half and plate Kazakh bricks, as well as traditional floor bricks.

Purchase and price of traditional old design bricks

To inquire about the price of a traditional facade brick or the same Kazakh brick with the five-digit contact number of the sales office+9849015Call and after getting information from the sales department, you can buy traditional bricks.

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